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A Salty Soul... a casual lifestyle brand for those who simply love the sea and are passionate about giving back. We give back to organizations providing kids with access to salty activities. Success will be when we have a robust philanthropic platform! We are about building a community, encouraging exploration, embracing life and supporting the next generation of Salty Souls. 

For the past two summers, we have funded surf lessons through the Boys & Girls Club on island and in partnership with ACK Surf School. We look forward to partnering with more communities as the brand grows. 

How it began...

In her youth, Erin spent her summers on Long Beach Island, where she and her cousin were the “water rats” of the family. Day in and day out, all they needed was the ocean – they couldn’t get enough.

Wanting to provide that kind of pure happiness to kids and a forum to bring together this community, Erin launched A Salty Soul in the Spring of 2017 from her home in Nantucket, an island 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod. After years of working in the corporate world and living in cities like Boston and Paris, Erin made a big lifestyle change by moving to Nantucket. A true Salty Soul, she finds there is nothing like seeing the ocean every day and watching the sunset each night. According to Erin, "the water soothes me and – let’s face it – salt water cures it all – from a cut to a hangover!"

What we love about our fellow Salty Souls is that there are no age, income or geographical boundaries. Our love and passion for the sea is in us for life and it's a powerful bond that will always bring our community together. 

The logo...

Nope, it's not random. We leveraged alchemy symbols: the upside down triangle represents water, the circle with a line through it means salt. This combo gets us some salt water!  And we added the waves because we just love the ocean and it needed to be represented. 


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Photo credit: Lauren Marttila Photography