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And so it begins....

Erin Wilson

Greetings to my fellow Salty Souls!

I am excited to write my very first post announcing the launch of A Salty Soul.  Less than a year ago, my life took a different path and I found myself taking some time off and living on the island of Nantucket.  And it was glorious.   At the age of 37 it was the break I needed to re-evaluate my life and an awesome time to think about what was important to me. It was during this time that A Salty Soul was born…a sea-inspired lifestyle brand with a significant social component.

Love of the sea is a common denominator so many of us share - from around the world, across ages, gender and income.  What I am most excited about is our commitment to give back!  I am targeting 20% of profits (YES!  20%!) will go to organizations that provide kids with access to “salty” activities.  Over time, I hope this is such a success we have a more formalized philanthropic platform!  In the meantime, I welcome feedback as we are growing this together!   I won’t pretend to have everything figured out but I am excited to see how A Salty Soul will evolve.  This will entail learning along the way and adapting. 

I believe exploration is also a natural part of who us Salty Souls are. Given this, I hope to introduce you to other Salty Souls and cool, coastal locations from around the world.  I want to inspire people to get out there and LIVE, LOVE, EXPLORE!  

Thank you to everyone who has helped me to get to launch day, I am truly a lucky gal! A very big shout out to my cousin Caroline for much needed creative guidance, Rebecca for becoming an amazing design partner, Laura for helping me get everything produced and my parents for their words of encouragement.  And a big shout out to so many amazing people in the Nantucket Community!

This launch will be a slow rollout as items become available so we can start selling and work on setting aside money for the kids starting this summer. I hope you will peruse the online store and support!   If you are interested in collaborating, making a wholesale purchase, contributing or have ideas, etc. please email me at

Cheers to a new adventure, all of you & the next generation of Salty Souls!!